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in the Own My Health Program

“I have thoroughly enjoyed OMH and the habits they have helped me to build. I really like that they encompass your overall health and not just one specific area. The challenges are attainable yet inspiring, and they have different experience levels with certain challenges, which makes the program usable and enticing for anyone. The profile they build with you allows you to track your personal health, enroll in challenges of your choice, but also have quick support should it be required. We have had a great response from our team member participation and I personally have benefitted from utilizing their program.”
- Neashia Price, Lee’s Marketplace

I am thrilled to share my experience with Own My Health. This program has been nothing short of transformative for me. Through Own My Health, I've gained great insights into my own wellbeing, learning the importance of having a harmonious balance between Western and holistic medical practices.

What sets Own My Health apart is its user-friendly portal, sense of accountability, and one on one calls with a dedicated health coach. These sessions not only provide fresh ideas but also keep me on tract to reaching my goals. making the journey to optimal health an inspiring and achievable one. Own My Health has truly empowered me to take charge of my well-being, and I couldn't be more grateful for the positive impact it's had on my life. - Jon Boyer , Utah Trucking Association

"Spherica Employee Benefits has been asked to vet dozens of “wellness” platforms over the years. Each time the process left our team unconvinced that a program would achieve the promised results, and we were proven correct in our low expectations time and again. The programs were expensive and failed to achieve positive measurable results. Then one of our large commercial accounts introduced us to Own My Health, asking us to provide our opinion on the program. In our initial meeting with OMH it became clear that we were looking at a unique approach to “Health Management.” Today, Own My Health is the only program we recommend to our clients nationwide due to proven results on both health objectives and cost containment. Personally, OMH has helped me created habits that have reduced my weight, improved my blood chemistry and pressure, reduced stress, and enhanced my sense of well-being. I have eliminated three maintenance Rx prescriptions and am no longer on the verge of adult-onset diabetes."
- Daniel A. Dearden, Spherica Employee Benefits

"Own my Health has the finest employee engagement program on the market. With their individual attention to each employee, they meet each employee where they are and work with them toward improving their health. I have a current 50+ employee company that has worked with Own My Health for the past 3 years. Our company has seen some amazing results. We have seen no increases in the monthly health premiums over the past 3 years and have received premium refunds all of those years."
- Shawn Hewlett, CUI Agency

"I have lost 34lbs and feel fantastic! My physical and mental health have improved immensely since choosing to take care of myself. You can do it to! Own My Health is here to support you in whatever your health goals might be!"
- Marissa Gallegos, Big D

"I feel like this program is adding years to my quality and quantity of my life."
- Dave Hernandez

"I feel better. More energy. I haven’t been sick once. Cholesterol and body fat is down."
- Brock Manwill, Bedrock Quartz

"Initiated through our corporate office, and supported by our executive team, Own My Heath plays into our culture well and has been a great tool for us to promote mental and physical health and wellness among our staff on a daily / weekly basis in conjunction with our own team challenges (5ks, Health committee initiatives, community involvement.)"
- BIG D, Tempe, AZ